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The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that factory-built fireplaces should be
cleaned when any appreciable buildup occurs. This is considered to be enough fuel buildup
to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home.
Level 1 inspections - If your appliance or your venting system has not changed and you plan to use your
system as you have in the past, then a Level 1 inspection is a minimum requirement. A Level 1 inspection is
recommended for a chimney under continued service, under the same conditions, and with the continued use
of the same appliance.  In a Level 1 inspection, your chimney service technician should examine the readily
accessible** portions of the chimney exterior, interior and accessible* portions of the appliance and the chimney
connection. Your technician will be looking for the basic soundness of the chimney structure and flue as well as
the basic appliance installation and connections. The technician will also verify the chimney is free of obstruction
and combustible deposits.

Inspection Definitions
* Accessible: May require the use of commonly available tools to remove doors,
panels or coverings, but will not damage the chimney or building structure or finish.
** Readily Accessible: Exposed, or capable of being exposed, for operation, inspection,
maintenance or repair without the use of tools to open or remove doors, panels or coverings.
source:  Chimney Safety Institute of America